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Physical Security Professional Services by RFI

In the networked business environment, physical and logical security has become increasingly critical and complex. Subject to both internal and external threats, physical security systems require the same constant attention and monitoring as core network operations.

Claris360™ helps you reduce time, expense and complexity associated with managing your security systems platforms, which can help you avoid problems before they occur, or to resolve them quickly when they do happen. As a result, you can reduce the cost and time involved in maintaining system continuity and performance.

More Than Monitoring

With robust monitoring capabilities, Claris360™ automated management solutions can send alerts on many different criteria – from general systems health to security system specific events like critical video loss. Active alerts can be sent directly to your email and/or to our trained operations team. Upon receipt of any alert, our trained Managed Services Operations Team will take applicable actions in accordance with your corporate security operation’s policy. Examples of system monitoring include:

  • Access Control System Critical Events
  • Video Surveillance System Critical Events
  • Hard Drive Usage/Status/Temperature
  • Event Log Warnings and Errors
  • Hardware and Application Changes
  • Performance and Capacity Management
  • Configuration and Change Management

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