We offer an exciting professional experience from the field to the office.  Our technicians, project managers, engineers, designers, sales professionals, management and administrative teams are at the heart of everything we do.  We extend leading edge, innovative technical and position specific training to keep up with relevant technology and business trends.  Employees are supported as they participate in industry affiliated organizations and continue their education.  When you work at RFI, you will collaborate with everyone.  Our president and CEO will greet you by name!

Employee Testimonials ~ Here is what employees have to say…

“When I first started I was hired on as a receptionist. Over the years, I learned a lot about the company inside and out. All of the managers I have worked with have allowed me to grow and not limit my abilities. Most of what I know today is from all of my experiences and on the job training here. I am now in a successful sales position.”

“I believe a lot of what has made this place different and special is it’s like a family. You will make friends which will be part of your lives beyond your career at RFI. The atmosphere is a lot like a small business with the large business resources. We are always looking to grow our family.” -12 year employee

“Support, support, support!  RFI is not a small company; however, the culture screams (in a good way) family.  From the president and the CEO to the person in the work space next to me and the person walking past my desk, no matter who I need help from or want to collaborate with- though busy- nobody lacks time or assistance.  To come to work knowing my success is encouraged and valued is priceless.” – 2 year employee

“In my years at RFI, I’ve had the opportunity to advance and do things that I really enjoy doing.  Not only do they encourage and support educating and developing one’s skill sets, but they also provide ample opportunities for advancement. Every day, I have the pleasure to work with some of the most talented, motivated, and experienced people in the industry. I have learned a great deal not only about the business but also about myself through my experiences at RFI which I am so grateful for. This company truly cares about their employees.” -10 year employee


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