IT Solutions for Security System - by RFI

Proactive and Predictive Approach

Always active. Always visible. Always secure. Unlike a more traditional “fix it when it breaks” model, RFI’s Claris360™ provides a proactive and predictive approach to maintaining the reliability of your physical security platforms. Claris360™ provides 24/7 security systems platform monitoring and remote management to help detect, diagnose, and correct vulnerabilities that could lead to downtime, security breaches and performance loss. Claris360™ is the most proactive and effective approach to maximize your resources and reduce your cost.


An IT Solution for Security Systems

Our focus is to keep your physical security system platforms operational and available so that you can focus on the everyday demands of your business, manage your costs and secure your most valuable assets.
Claris360™ provides affordable proactive security system platform management and support to your business. Utilizing our unique automation framework for delivering managed services, RFI offers a range of proactive services to keep your security systems up and running, and your people productive and secure.

Here are some of the key benefits you will receive from utilizing Claris360™:

  • Reduces operating costs and make security budgets more predictable
  • Reduce onsite service costs and remediate issues remotely
  • Automation helps to protect against security breaches
  • Proactive maintenance minimizes security system outages
  • IT and physical security teams can focus on their core initiative